lunes, 14 de mayo de 2012

Adriana Kong Montoya

     The Historic Rally is a race between the second semester class teams where you travel around Mexico City using no private transportation, a limited amount of money and carrying your backpack with the stuff you’ll use for three days.
     This year I had the opportunity to experience this activity, me and my team had a lot of fun, and enjoyed every second of it, now we just want to go back.
     This activity includes a lot of team work because spending three days with six teenagers who all think in a different way isn´t easy at all. Obviously we will have problems and differences and someone will get mad at some point, but that is something we can’t avoid, and that’s the fun part, going through all our differences and making our team work the right way to make it till the end, because having troubles is what makes great experiences, the thing is to know how to solve them.
     In the rally we also learn to take care of our liberty; no parents, friends, money and taking decisions in a different city… it’s clearly we’ll be tempted to break rules but we learn to have responsibility, to take care of ourselves and our team (which becomes like a family), make decisions that are convenient for each member and mainly make a good use of our liberty.
     Historic Rally should teach us about history and that is something we obviously learned by visiting ten different places that had a meaning in the Mexican history, this is when we realize that living in Mexico means knowing Mexico and it’s incredible that we hadn’t visited some of this places before, or even worse, we didn’t know about their existence, that’s why it’s important to know about this places, to know our country because we are part of it.
     My favorite part of the rally was when we visited the Modern Art Museum, I loved this place so much that made me think about how much I like art and made me decide I want to draw and paint. Now I realize these experiences give us the opportunity to know ourselves a little more and guide us to the things we want to be and do.
     I really enjoyed this experience, even though I was very tired at the end of it, I would love to go back.

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