jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Regina Flores Ziehl, Germán Soto, Paulette Orozco, Julieta Pérez, David Villasana, Jean Paul Amsler, and Daniel Soto

     On Friday 7th, we had the opportunity to talk with guys our age who live in Vermont and they are studying advanced Spanish, in our virtual exchange we had a lot of fun, and even though they had some problems with their internet connection, we could speak to them and hear them. At first we all were shy but then we talked and it just got better and better
     We got to know some things about them, our topic was the slavery that a lot of people suffer from  right now, but most of all we got to know their names since they translated them, their hobbies, also their thoughts not just about slavery but in general.
     And I really enjoyed this activity, I think there should be more activities like this ‘cause they are different and help us to practice our English and help people practice their Spanish, too, so in that way it becomes even better for both of us.
     I believe my classmates enjoyed this as much as I did, and I know whenever we speak again with them, it will be even better than the first one, we think they are really nice guys and we are looking forward to keep in touch with them, I really loved this experience.

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