jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Ramiro Gracia Castro

     As one of the many projects that Prepa Ibero has got to offer the students’ community, the first Virtual Exchange was launched in the past weeks, namely March 7th. and 14th.               
     Organised and coordinated by Dr. Ivonne Mountaudon (Internacionalización y Vinculación) and Ramiro Gracia (Academia de Lengua Adicional), this activity was meant for elementary and upper intermediate students who got in touch with students at The Sharon Academy in Vermont USA to Foster GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION discussing “Modern-day slavery” in both English and Spanish.
     Students at both sides got connected via Skype and their experience was just fabulous practicing speaking and writing in order to communicate their ideas and reactions at each others’ thoughts and queries.
     At the moment they have shared Facebook, keep on having communication with their peers and have new friends in the United States. It has only been the first step, but many more are to come!
     Isn´t it nice?

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